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A person who worries too much or worries about unimportant things is called a worrywart. Worrywarts are worriers who worry excessively and unnecessarily. Here is an example of how this English idiom can be used:

Walter constantly worried about his children, Waltraud and Wilma. He was a

The following two articles talk about
worrywarts, the impact that they have on others and, quite interestingly, themselves:

Are you a worrywart parent?
- annarbor.com, 1 November 2011, Kerry Novick
Being a Worrywart Can Shorten Your Life
- healthguidance.org, Mark Thomas
Women are Worrywarts - For Good Reason

The second article claims that worrying, which always goes
hand-in-hand with stress, can shorten a person’s life. Do you believe that worrywarts have shorter lifespans?

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