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Trouble in Paradise

When an unexpected problem or complication arises in what seems to be a very good situation, you can use the English idiom trouble in paradise. For example:

The Hollywood couple had a fairytale wedding in 2011 and, now, there are rumors of divorce. Could there be
trouble in paradise?
Until recently, the company was an industry leader. It seems that there is
trouble in paradise.

Some recent news headlines/blog entry titles that include the expression
trouble in paradise are:

Trouble in iPhone Paradise: Will Mapping Bugs Keep You From Your iPhone?
-waltham.patch.com, 22 September 2012, Karla Vallance
Trouble in Paradise for Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus
- opposingviews.com, 1 October 2012, Girls Talkin Smack
Trouble in paradise? Cracks show in Microsoft-Intel alliance
-news.cnet.com, 26 September 2012, Shara Tibken

The following video looks at
trouble in paradise in the Maldives. This news report provides an excellent example of how the English idiom trouble in paradise can be used and looks at the state of the Maldives following the tsunami in 2004.

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