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Slam Someone/ Something

Today’s idiom is to slam someone or something, which means to strongly criticize someone or something. Look at the recent headlines below to see how this common English expression can be used:

Microsoft Slams Google Privacy Changes With Putting People First Ad Campaign
- marketingland.com, 1 February 2012, Danny Sullivan
Volvo slams EU carbon targets as unrealistic
- edie.net, 22 March 2012, edie newsroom
Samsung Galaxy Campaign Brilliantly Slams iPhone Fanboy Culture
- adage.com, 23 November 2011, Michael Leamonth

In all of these headlines, companies are
slamming or harshly criticizing things - Googles Privacy policy, the European Unions carbon emission targets and the iPhone culture.
In 2011, U.S. President Barack Obama publicly
slammed Donald Trump, who had incorrectly suggested that Obama was not American-born and even questioned the validity of his birth certificate. Watch the following video to see how Obama slams Donald Trump:

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