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Go Big

To go big

One of the headlines that I read in the news this morning was:

S. Africa goes big on nuclear a year on from Fukushima
- reuters.com, 8 March 2012, Agnieszka Flak & Jon Herskovitz

My question is: what does
to go big mean? Quite interestingly, despite the fact that this expression can be found everywhere on the internet, only the Urban Dictionary seems to have a definition for it. The Urban Dictionary tells us that to go big means to do an activity... at the highest level possible. Look at just a few of the many recent articles that I found on the internet this morning using the idiom to go big:

Europe Goes Big On Wind and Solar in 2011
- thenergycollective.com, 13 February 2o12, Joseph Romm
AirAsia goes BIG with mileage plan
- bangkokpost.com, 23 February 2012, Boonsong Kositchotethana
Latin America Goes Big On Mobile
- atelier.net, 7 February 2012, L’ Atelier - Paris

According to these articles, Europe, AirAsia and Latin America are all doing something
on a high level or in a big way. In the original article title at the top of this post, we saw that South Africa is going big on nuclear energy one year after Fukushima. There are also many other countries in the world which are doing the same. Knowing what we know today, how do you feel about going big on nuclear energy?

Note: On Valentine’s Day this year, Barack Obama’s advice to all men was to go big. Click on the link to watch the video.

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