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Tickled Pink

Tickled Pink

Have you ever heard someone say that he or she was tickled pink? Meaning delighted, very pleasedor even thrilled, this English idiom is typically found in sentences like the following:

When she won the award for best supporting actress, Octavia was
tickled pink.
The young child was
tickled pink when he saw the new toy.
I am
tickled pink to be here today.

There are many things that can
tickle you pink, i.e. make you feel very happy or delight you. Look at the following headlines to see some examples:

Tickled pink! Uma Thurman expecting baby girl
- articles. nydailynews.com, 7 March 2012, Cristina Everett
Serena Williams tickled pink to be back
- smh.com.au, 13 April 2011, AFP
Lottery Win: Euromillions couple are tickled pink
- bbc.co.uk, 15 July 2012, BBC

In these headlines, Uma Thurman, Serena Williams and a Scottish couple are
tickled pink for various reasons - a new baby, a return to competitive tennis and a lottery win. What would make you feel tickled pink?

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