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Take a Pot Shot at Someone / Something

to take a pot shot at someone or something

The definition of
to take a pot shot at someone or something is to criticize someone or something in a sudden and unfair way. Here are some examples of how this English idiom can be used:

The president
took a pot shot at the leader of the opposition.
It wasn’t fair of the man
to take a pot shot at his wife’s appearance.
The company’s commercials took pot shots at the competitor’s products.

It is not uncommon for people
to take pot shots at others in the media. Here are some examples:
Nadal takes pot-shot at Federer
- odt.co.nz, 16 January 2012, AP
Google takes pot shots at Microsoft’s Office 365
-neowin.net, 27 June 2011, John Callaham
Samsung Galaxy Note TV ad takes pot shots at iPhone fans (again)
- uswitch.com, 6 February 2012, Jonathan Leggett

These three examples show individuals or companies suddenly or unfairly criticizing others, i.e.
taking pot shots at others. Composer and musician John Zorn claims that well-known people or entities are often criticized. He said:

As soon as you get a certain amount of attention, then everybody kinda wants to start taking pot shots at you. All your old friends that supported you don’t support you any more.

Do you agree?

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