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Take a Breather

Take a breather

The English expression
to take a breather means to take a rest. Some examples of how this English idiom can be used can be found in the following news headlines :

Homebuilding takes a breather, wholesale prices up
- ca.news.yahoo.com, 20 february 2013, Lucia Mutikani
Wall Street ends flat as investors take a breather
- nbcnews.com, 12 February 2013, Thomson Reuters
Winter takes a breather on a warm January weekend
- recordonline.com, 14 January 2013, Pauline Liu

Which of the following English idioms also means the same thing as
to take a breather, i.e. to take a break?

a) to take five
b) to break up
c) to give it a rest
d) to break the ice

Check your answer here.

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