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Stick to Your Guns

Have you ever heard of the English idiom to stick to your guns? It means to stand by what you believe in, even when other people disagree or try to make you change your opinion. Here is an example:

Despite the fact that many people in the community thought that their demands were unreasonable, the protestors stuck to their guns.

In this sentence, the protestors refused to change their ideas or what they were asking for despite the fact that others disagreed - they stuck to their guns. Below, you will find some articles or interviews that also demonstrate the use of this English expression:

Nobel-Winner Xiaobo Stuck to His Guns on China’s Political Reform
- pbs.org, 8 October 2010
Justice Minister sticks to his guns
-iol.co.za, 5 March 2012, Marianne Merten
Post-war artists who stuck to their guns
- independent.co.uk, 12 December 2011, Adrian Hamilton

Can you think of some more examples of individuals who
stuck to their guns?

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