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Spill the Beans

If you spill the beans, you unintentionally tell people secret information. Look at these headlines to see how this English idiom is used:

Al Gore Spills the Beans on New iPhone
- mnn.com, 21 September 2011, Steve Pollak
Has Sis Spilled the Beans on Royal Wedding Dress Designer?
- news.com.au, 4 April 2011, Sandra Parsons
Kristen Stewart Spills the Beans on Her Relationship with Robert Pattinson
- irishcentral.com, 9 October 2011, Buzz Brady

In all three of the headlines above, people revealed information that had, up until that moment in time, been
secret - a new and unreleased iPhone, the designer of a highly secretive royal wedding dress and the nature of a private relationship between two celebrities. Sometimes, it seems that it’s difficult to keep secrets. Have you ever spilled the beans?


Image: thanunkorn / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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