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Sob Story

A sob story is a sad story that someone tells you in order to make you feel sorry for him. For example:

After telling his boss another one of his
sob stories, Markus asked for a pay raise.
She told me a
sob story about how she didn’t have enough money to take care of her ill mother.

Sob stories are tearful stories that can play on your emotions and lead you to do nice things for others. A good synonym for a sob story is a hard luck story.

What, on the other hand, does the English idiom
a likely story mean? Look at the following dialogue containing this English idiom and select the correct answer to the follow-up question:

Student: I am sorry that I don’t have my English grammar homework with me today. My dog ate it.
Teacher: That’s
a likely story.

When the teacher
figuratively says That’s a likely story, he means...

a) I believe you.
b) I don’t believe you.
c) That’s a bad story.
d) That’s a nice story.

For the
correct answer, click here.

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