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Snowed Under

Snowed Under

Have you ever heard someone say that he or she is snowed under before? If you have, the man or woman who said it probably looked like the person in the picture above - very stressed. Not a pretty picture, that’s for sure! A person who is snowed under with something, e.g. work, problems, etc..., has so much of that something that he or she has problems dealing with it. Look at these recent headlines for some examples of how the English idiom to be snowed under with something can be used:

Auto Shops Snowed Under with Work
- the chronicleherald.ca, 24 November 2011, John Demont

Santa Gets Snowed Under with Mail; 20 Millionth Letter Expected to Arrive Soon

- ca.news.yahoo.com, 2 December 2011, The Canadian Press
With Christmas Approaching, Are You Feeling Snowed Under?
- nicolepinpointmarketing.wordpress.com, 28 November 2011

These headlines refer to people or businesses that are
snowed under with work, mail and stress. They are having difficulty managing these things and feel like they are too much for them.
My question for you today: With Christmas approaching, are you feeling
snowed under? And what is it that makes people feel snowed under at this time of year in the first place?

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