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Slap on the Wrist

A slap on the wrist refers to a very mild punishment - very likely a punishment that isn’t adequate or hard enough for what has been done wrong. These article titles demonstrate the use of a slap on the wrist:

The drunk driver who hit me got a slap on the wrist
- blogher.com, August 19 2011, JulieW
BP gets a slap on the wrist
- workers.org, January 11 2011, Gene Clancy
Greece secures €8bn bailout loans - with a slap on the wrist
- businessetc.thejournal.ie, October 11 2011

In the opinion of the authors of these articles, a drunk driver, BP and Greece have only received
mild punishments for the things that they have done wrong, i.e. they have only received a slap on the wrist. Can you think of any recent mistakes, wrongdoings or crimes for which the perpetrator(s) only received a slap on the wrist?

Image: Michal Marcol / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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