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Rumour Has It

The English singer-songwriter Adele, who recently won 6 Grammy Awards, has a song called Rumour Has It, an English idiom that means people are saying. A rumour , also spelled rumorin American English, is an unconfirmed story that spreads from person to person. Any time that you hear a story from others and you are not sure whether it is true or not, i.e. a rumour, you can use the expression rumour has it. You can see how the expression rumour has it can be used in the following sample sentences:

Rumour has it that the iPad3 is going to be introduced soon.
Rumour has it that BMW is interested in purchasing Saab.
Rumour has it that you love English grammar. Is it true?

You can listen to Adele’s song
Rumour Has It and read its lyrics in the following YouTube video. What are the rumours that Adele is referring to? Leave any comments that you might have below:

Written by Adele and Ryan Tedder, Rumour Has It is from Adele’s album entitled 21, which is currently the number 1 album on the Billboard 200.

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