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The term rip-off refers to an item or service that is unfairly overpriced. In other words, a rip-off is a financial transaction in which the buyer is taken advantage of. For example:

Who would pay so much money for a mobile phone? What a
That coat is terribly overpriced. It’s a
The DVD wasn’t a
rip-off! I only paid $89.00 for it.

Some recent articles that use the English idiom rip-off are:

American property: The great realtor rip-off
- economist.com, 5 May 2012
Telecom Rip-Off: The Hidden Fees in Your Wireless and Phone Bills
- alternet.org, 12 February 2012, D. Rosen & B. Kushnick
Rip-off Britain: Why is everything so expensive?
guardian.co.uk, 13 April 2012, M. Mills, N. Jackson, L. Spencer & B. Barnicoat

The last example describes Britain as a
rip-off nation, as in a country that rips consumers off, i.e. overcharges and takes advantage of them.

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