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A Quick Fix

Quick fix

A quick fix is a quick solution to a problem, especially one that is temporary or inadequate. For example:

He offered a few
quick fixes for our city’s traffic problems, but, sadly, none of them were long-term solutions.

In other words, a
quick fix is a fast and easy solution that is, perhaps, good in the short run but is insufficient in the long run. Some recent headlines that contain the English idiom quick fix are:

Lagarde wants real fix, not quick fix on Greek Debt
- straitstimes.com, 14 November 2012
Roenick’s quick fix for NHL: Fewer Teams
- courierpostonline.com, 30 November 2012, Randy Miller
Quick Fixes in Life and Politics
- huffingtonpost.com, 4 November 2012, 2012, Paul Stoller

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