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Put Your Foot in Your Mouth

Put your foot in your mouth

Have you put your foot in your mouth recently? The English idiom to put your foot in your mouth means to say the wrong thing, i.e. something embarrassing, inappropriate or unintended. Here are two examples that demonstrate how this English idiom can be used:

I really
put my foot in my mouth when I told Estelle that I didn’t like the cake that she had baked.
Frank apologized when he realized that he had
put his foot in his mouth.

The following YouTube video shows part of an interview in which Jill Biden, wife of U.S. Vice President Joe Biden,
puts her foot in her mouth.

It is not uncommon to put your foot in your mouth - in fact, it is very human. Can you think of some instances in which you really said the wrong thing at the wrong moment?

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