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Pound the Pavement

The English idiom to pound the pavement means to travel on foot, particularly when you are looking for something, e.g. a job, money, answers, etc... or to campaign diligently, e.g. in an election or for a charity. For example:

Unhappy that their son was unemployed, Kazim’s parents told him
to pound the pavement on Monday.
In the days leading up to the election, the politicians
pounded the pavement in an effort to gather as many last-minute votes as possible.
Looking for donations, volunteers of the
Skin Cancer Foundation pound the pavement regularly .

Some recent headlines containing the English idiom
to pound the pavement are:

Candidates pound pavement on election day
- the hour.com, 5 November 2012, Robert Koch
Postal workers pound pavement for more $$$
- guardian.co.tt, 1 November 2012, Tremaine Warmer
1,800 plus walkers pound the pavement to raise money for type one diabetes research
- fox44.com, 27 October 2012, Kris Cusanza

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