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Play Your Cards Right

If you play your cards right, you behave in a way that leads to success. In other words, you do and say the things that will help you to achieve a desired result. Look at the following examples to see how this English idiom is used:

Frank didn’t get the job.
He didn’t play his cards right.
You are going to have to
play your cards right if you want to pass your Spanish course.
played his cards right. Within two weeks, he became the company’s sales manager.

Here are some articles that offer advice on how to
play your cards right in special situations:

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- newsday.com, 1 December 2010, Kristin Taveira
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- mirror.co.uk, 23 November 2011, Andrew Hagger
Play Your Cards Right
- oprah.com, July 2007, Suze Orman


Image: Janaka Dharmasena / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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