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Play Hardball

When someone plays hardball, he is extremely tough, determined and/uncompromising in trying to get what he wants, sometimes even to the point of using unfair or harmful tactics. For example:

Unwilling to increase pay and shorten working hours, the company played hardball with its employees.

Often used in business and politics, the English idiom to play hardball can often be found in news headlines. For example:

Britain plays Hardball on EU Budget, Threatens Veto
- hurriyetdailynews.com, 8 October 2012
Colorado Republicans Urge Romney to Play Hardball with Obama, Don’t Believe the Polls
- abcnews.go.com, 3 October 2012, Michael Falcone
Amazon Plays Hardball with New Kindle Offerings and Pricing
- forwardthinking.pcmag.com, 6 September 2012
Greece watches closely as Spain plays hardball over an EU rescue
- globalpost.com, 11 June 2012, Paul Ames

The following video is entitled
Devil Plays Hardball. It is a trailer for a 2008 documentary that shows mentors trying to help homeless people leave the streets of Vancouver, Canada, and return to mainstream society. Do you think that the documentary was appropriately named?

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