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Perish the Thought

Perish the thought is an English phrase that you can use when you would like to say that you hope a certain event or occurrence will never happen. Take a look at the following examples to see how this English idiom can be used:

Oh, no, not our son. Fritz will never get married.
Perish the thought!
We won’t be able to buy a house if,
perish the thought, we lose our jobs.
Could our English grammar club president be re-elected?
Perish the thought!

Perish the thought is synonymous with sayings like may that never happen, don’t even think of it, Heaven forbid or God forbid. Some article titles that exemplify this English idiom are:

Facebook Boring? Perish the Thought
- news.yahoo.com, 8 June 2012, Todd Pheifer
Mitt Romney, weird? Perish the thought
- boston.com, 11 August 2011. Alan Wirzbicki
French Fries as Hand Food? Perish the Thought
- nytimes.com, 20 October 1996, Sedra Jayne Varga

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