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Penny Idioms

Penny Idioms

This past Monday, the Royal Canadian Mint stopped distributing the penny to banks and financial institutions. The Canadian penny has been discontinued because it has a unit production cost of 1.6 cents, which is said to amount to an annual loss of $11 million a year for Canadian taxpayers. With the loss of the penny, Canadian prices will now have to be rounded up or down to the nearest five cents. The Australians phased out their penny in 1992, when they stopped minting one-cent and two-cent pieces, as did other nations such as Brazil, Finland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway and Switzerland at other times. The author of the article A nickel for your thoughts? comments that the penny’s use now exists only in our thoughtsor on credit-card statements. However, the penny may have more staying power than just that. Expressions like a penny for your thoughts or a penny saved is a penny earned appear to be firmly anchored in the English language and, although they may be in need of a slight price-increase, they are quite likely here to stay.

Here is a list of
10 English penny idioms.

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