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Party Pooper

What do you think the English idiom party pooper means?

a) a portable toilet used for outdoor parties and celebrations
b) someone who ruins a party through his negative attitude
c) someone who likes going to parties a lot
d) something funny that someone does to entertain other people in social situations

The correct answer is b). A party pooper is someone who ruins a party through his negative attitude. There are many types of party poopers: people who refuse to engage in small talk, refuse to dance, refuse to take part in games or even refuse to take part in the party at all. Basically, party poopers are the ones who spoil the fun at a party. Look at these article titles to see how the expression party pooper can be used:

David Beckham Flies in to Tell Dad: Sorry I was a Party Pooper
- dailymail.co.uk, August 17 2008
Halloween Party Pooper: Why I don’t Celebrate Halloween
- associatedcontent.com, August 17 2009, Guy Siverson
Help! My Man’s a Party-Pooper: Can Your Relationship Survive the Party Season?
- dailymail.co.uk, December 14 2009, Hazel Davis
Are You a Party Queen or Party Pooper?
- thebookingqueen.com.au, August 17 2010, Lyndsey Baigent

What would your answer be to the last question? Are you a party queen/party king or a
party pooper?

Image: m_bartosch / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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