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Out of Sight, Out of Mind

The English proverb out of sight, out of mind means that when someone isn’t there, you forget about him or her. Usually, this saying is used in connection with relationships. Look at this short dialogue to see how the phrase out of sight, out of mind can be used:

Last week, Fred’s wife was away and it didn’t look like he missed her.
Well, what do you expect? Out of sight, out of mind.

With the statement
out of sight, out of mind, Gertrude is saying that Fred forgot about his wife because she wasn’t there.

Do you know an English proverb that has the opposite meaning of
out of sight, out of mind? It’s a proverb that means that when someone is away, you love him or her even more. I can give you a clue:

Absence makes....

here for the full answer. Below, you can see Forget-Me-Not flowers:

Forget Me Not Flowers

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