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One Good Turn Deserves Another

One good turn deserves another is an English idiom that can be used to say that if someone helps you, you should do something to help that person in return. Look at these two examples to see how the English expression one good turn deserves another can be used:

I was happy to lend Michael a few dollars. He had helped me with my English grammar homework a few weeks ago and I owed him a favor. As you know,
one good turn deserves another.

Tanisha remembered how many times her best friend had helped her. Since
one good turn deserves another, she didn’t hesitate to offer Jana help when she needed it.

The moral, i.e. the message or lesson to be learned, of Aesop’s Fable
The Ant and the Dove is one good turn deserves another. You can watch this fable here:

You can read more about
Aesop’s Fables here.

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