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On the Mend

When you are on the mend, you are recovering from an illness, injury or a time of hardship. To see how this English idiom is used, have a look at the following dialogue:

A: How is Muriel? Has she recovered from her operation?
B: Thankfully, she is
on the mend and should be back at work next week.

Good synonyms for
to be on the mend are to get better or to improve. Two recent headlines that demonstrate the meaning of to be on the mend quite well are the following:

Prince Philip on the mend as Queen visits hospital
- scotsman.com, 7 June 2012
US jobless claims fall, labor market still on mend
- in.reuters.com, 7 June 2012,

The following video is a news report about a man who is
on the mend after a shark attack:

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