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On Cloud Nine

If you are on cloud nine, you are not only happy - you are ecstatic, elated or euphoric. You feel extremely happy and have the feeling of being up in the clouds. Here are some article titles using this English idiom:

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban on Cloud Nine After Birth of Daughter
-entertainmentwise.com, January 19 2011, Deepika Rajani
Lottery Winner: On Cloud Nine
-express.co.uk, February 17 2010, Jo Willey
Kate Middleton and Prince William are on cloud nine
-metro.co.uk, November 24 2010, Fred Attewill

In these three headlines, a birth, a lottery win and an engagement were all reasons to be on cloud nine. Can you think of other reasons why someone would be on cloud nine?


Image: nuchylee / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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