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Old Hat

Old hat

When something is old hat, it has been seen and done before and is no longer new or interesting. Look at how this English idiom is used in the following examples:

After a few years, Sofian’s job became
old hat.
The song might seem
old hat to some people, but Fred’s rendition of My Way’ is completely fresh and new.
Unfortunately, most of that comedian’s
knock knock jokes were old hat.

A job, a song or a joke, especially a
knock knock joke, can definitely be old hat, i.e. old, routine and uninteresting. Aknock knock joke is a joke like the following:

A. Knock Knock.
B. Who’s there?
A. Boo.
B. Boo who?
A. No need to cry. It’s only a joke.

Did you laugh? Probably not. The fact of the matter is that, while adults tend to find
knock knockjokes old hat, young children, it seems, cannot get enough of them. Have a look at the following video:

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