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Not Up to Par

Today’s idiom is the English expression not up to par. When something is not up to par it is below the usual or expected standard. Here are two examples to demonstrate the use of this English idiom:

Lucille’s Greek grammar is, quite simply,
not up to par.
Madur’s work
hasn’t been up to par lately. Do you think he’s okay?

Lucille’s grammar and Madur’s work are
not good enough, i.e. they are not up to par.
On 22 January 2012, Steven Tyler, the lead singer of the legendary rock and roll band Aerosmith, performed the American national anthem at a football game. While many people liked his version of the song, many people also felt that it was
not up to par. In fact, a yahoo.com article even stated that his clothes were better than his rendition of the song. Watch the following video of Tyler’s performance and decide for yourself: was Steven Tyler’s version of the Star-Spangled Banner up to par?

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