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A no-brainer can be defined as a topic, question or problem that is so simple, easy or natural that it requires no thought. Look at the following articles to see what others think are no-brainers:

Reporting on conflict: No-brainer that women are out there
- journalism.co.uk, 13 March 2012, Rachel MyAthy
Forming social networks a no-brainer
- abc.net.au, 9 February 2011, Carl Holm
Buying a home now is a no-brainer
- money.cnn.com, 13 December 2010, Ali Velshi
Car-sharing a no-brainer for the cost-conscious among us
- japantimes.co.jp, 29 February 2012, Kyodo

All of the things in the titles above - female journalists reporting on conflict, forming social networks, buying a new home and car-sharing - are subjects that are so
natural or obvious that they require no thought. They are no-brainers.

The following is a television commercial that uses the term no-brainer. Do you think that it is a good one?

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