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You would never be a no-show, would you? A no-show is a person who unexpectedly does not show-up for a particular event. One can also refer the person’s failure to be present, itself, as a no-show. Look at these examples to see how the English idiom no-show is used:

Quite surprisingly, Gertrude was a no-show at last week’s English class.
The mayor’s no-show showed that he didn’t care about the city’s problems.
I can’t believe it. Ricardo was a no-show on his first day of work.

It isn’t difficult to find headlines using the idiom no-show because, as it would seem, it isn’t that uncommon for people to be no-shows. Here are a few recent headlines using this idiom:

Metallica no-show prompts riot in India
- brisbanetimes.com.au, October 29 2011, AAP
Lindsay Lohan a no-show for community service work
- heraldnet.com, October 15 2011, Los Angeles Times
Apple faces Germany ban after court no-show
- the register.co.uk, November 7 2011, Bill Ray

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No-Show Idiom

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