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Neck and Neck

The English idiom neck and neck is used to describe a race, contest or competition that is very close. In other words, if two competitors are neck and neck, they are so close or equal that they either one of them could win. Since today’s U.S. presidential election appears to be very close or tight, it has been described as neck and neck . Here are some news headlines from this past week:

US 2012: Obama, Romney battle neck and neck
- tribune.com.ng, 6 November 2012, Seyi Gesinde
2012 Election: Obama, Romney neck and neck one day before election
- wjla.com, 5 November 2012, Scott Thuman
Neck and neck in U.S.
- the spec.com, 2 November 2012, Lee-Anne Goodman
Dead Heat! Obama & Romney are Running Neck-and-Neck!
- globalgrind.com, 5 November 2012, Global Grind Staff

Just how
neck and neck is today’s presidential election? For the most recent poll statistics, check out the following Reuters video:

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