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More Bang for the Buck

More bang for the buck

Everyone in this world is looking to get more bang for the buck, i.e. to get more value for his or her money. The following headlines refer to some ideas on how people can make their money go further in certain situations:

Europe by train: how to get more bang for your buck
- lonelyplanet.com, 10 May 2011, Mark Smith
Get More Bang for Your Buck At These Colleges
- cheapscholar.org, 2 March 2011, Doug A. Schantz
Get more bang for your tax buck
- dawsoncreekdailynews.ca, 6 March 2012, Matthew Bains

The articles above refer to how people can
make the most of their travel budget, tuition money and tax dollars, i.e. how they can get more bang for the buck. A buck, by the way, is a dollar.

The following Australian TV commercial demonstrates the meaning of the English idiom
more bang for the buck quite well. Have a look:

Do you have some good tips on how one can get more bang for the buck?

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