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Money is No Object


Today’s English idiom is money is no object. It means it doesn’t matter how much something costs. If someone uses this phrase, he isn’t concerned about the price of something. He has more than enough money to pay for it. Here are two sample sentences to demonstrate this idiom’s meaning:

1. When they planned the royal wedding, money was no object.
2. Please show me the best product that you have.
Money is no object.

Here are two interesting titles of articles for you to look at using
money is no object:

Money No Object to Brits When it Comes to Romance
-freepressreleases.co.uk, 2 September 2011, Denise Wales and Verity Garber
You’ve Hit the Big Time - Money No Longer ís an Object: What Cars Will YOU Be Driving?
-autospies.com, 19 July 2008, Agent00J

The last article inspired over 90 comments and had all kinds of answers from a 1971 Nissan Skyline to a Lamborghini Gallardo LP560. It seems that people like to dream about what they would do if money were no object. What kind of car would you drive if money were no object?

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