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Man of the Moment

man of the moment

The English idiom man of the moment refers to a man who is famous at a specific time because of the fact that he has done or is doing something important. Here is a sample sentence using this expression:

When he shot the final winning goal, Ronaldinho was the man of the moment.

Every country, sport, industry, club, company etc. has had its own men of the moment, i.e. men who are well-known at a specific time because of the fact that they have done or are doing something significant. Here are some articles that refer to some examples:

Barack Obama’s presidential campaign: Man of the moment
- economist.com, 2 July 2009
Italy’s man of the moment Monti
- fin24.com, 13 November 2011, AFP
Novak Djokovic is the man of the moment
- swide.com, 6 March 2012, Hugo Mc Caffery
Brit Awards 2012: Ed Sheeran is the man of the moment
- telegraph.co.uk, 21 february 2012, Anita Singh
Noda man of the moment for Japan
- abc.net.au, 30 August 2011, Tanya Nolan

Who do you think of when you hear the expression
man of the moment?

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