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Make No Apologies

When you say that you make no apologies for something, you are saying that you believe that something that you have done is correct and acceptable. For example:

Despite the bad publicity, losses and massive job cuts, the CEO of the company
makes no apologies for the decisions that have been made.

Some news headlines that have used the expression
to make no apologies are:

G20 protestors make no apologies during sentencing
- the star.com, 28 November 2011, Peter Small
Sharapova makes no apologies for progress
- reuters.com, 2 June 2012, Julien Pretot
Morgan Stanley CEO: No Apologies on Facebook IPO
- money.cnn.com, 31 May 2012, Julianne Pepitone

For a further example of how the English idiom
to make no apologies can be used, have a look at the following video of the American President making a speech on his health care law.

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