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Make It Big

To make it big means to become very successful or famous. Here are some sample sentences using this idiom:

After years of hard work, the aspiring actress finally made it big in Bollywood.
André wondered if he could ever make it big in tennis.
Albert invested every cent that he had into his inventions before he finally made it big in 1999.

Everyone likes to read about success stories, in particular about people who were in some way disadvantaged but later made it big. These headlines show exactly that:

11 Celebrities with Dyslexia Who Made It Big
- huffingtonpost.com, July 14 2011, Jordan K. Turgeon
College Dropout Makes it Big in Fashion
- philstar.com, August 1 2011, Rose de la Cruz
15 Immigrants Who Made it Big
- forbes.com, March 22 2007, Elisabeth Eaves

Reading articles about people who have
made it big are inspirational. Is there a successful person who particularly inspires you?

Image: Salvatore Vuono / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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