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Lose Your Cool

Even though you might see many newspaper articles and magazines intentionally mis-use or play with this English idiom, losing your cool has nothing to do with coolness. It typically means to become angry or excitable in a stressful or difficult situation. Here are some recent headlines that refer to someone losing their cool:

David Beckham Loses His Cool on the Soccer Field
- pinkisthenewblog.com, October 2 2011
Conrad Murray Trial: Murray Loses His Cool in Court
- x17online.com, October 20 2011
Whitney Houston Loses Cool on Flight
- cnn.com, October 13 2011, Anne Marie Cruz and Stephen M. Silverman, PEOPLE.com

In the headlines above, David Beckham, Conrad Murray and Whitney Houston were said to have lost their cool. According to the articles mentioned, they became angry in reaction to uncomfortable or stressful situations - an unfair call in a soccer game, testimonials in a court case and being asked to wear a seatbelt on a plane. There are many situations in which people can lose their cool. Can you think of some typical ones?


Image: photostock / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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