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Like A Bull in a China Shop

Bull in a china shop

If a person is like a bull in a china shop, he or she unintentionally causes damage because he is clumsy, awkward or graceless in the way he moves or behaves. For example:

Did you break this vase? That’s the second one this week. Quite seriously, Fred, you’re
like a bull in a china shop!
Lacking tact and sensitivity, she led the negotiations with the Canadian delegation
like a bull in a china shop.
If you ask Mikhail to help us transport these glasses, a disaster is bound to happen. He’s
like a bull in a china shop!

People who are
like bulls in a china shop have a tendency to unintentionally damage things because of their clumsiness or awkwardness - either physically or socially. A person who is like a bull in a china shop could, in some situations, (e.g. the sentences above with the glasses and the vase) also be described as someone who is all thumbs or is butterfingered. The question is whether a bull really is as clumsy, graceless or destructive as the English expression to be like a bull in a china shop would have us believe. The following Discovery Channel video looks at the truth of this English idiom :

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