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Keep Your Cool

Today’s idiom is keep your cool. It’s the opposite of lose your cool and means to remain calm in a difficult, excitable or stressful situation.
As you know,
keeping your cool isn’t always easy. There are many situations in our daily lives that can challenge our abilities to remain calm. Difficult people, unfair criticism, conflicting interests, traffic jams, a game of Monopoly, late buses etc... can all cause us to lose our cool. According to the following headlines, weddings, politics and natural disasters can also challenge us to keep our cool:

Wedding Planner Gone, but Bride-to-Be Keeps Her Cool
- wfaa.com, September 27 2011, Shelly Slater
No-Drama Obama Keeps His Cool - and Trumps His Critics
- newamericamedia.org, May 4 2011, Frederick Cosby, Black America Web
8 Tips to Keep Your Cool When a Natural Disaster Strikes
- medicinenet.com, April 21 2010, Sietske N. Heyn, Melissa Conrad Stöppler

What can you do to
keep your cool in stressful situations? What tips can you offer?


Image: Master isolated images / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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