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Jump on the Bandwagon

Perhaps, you have heard of the English idiom to jump on the bandwagon? If you jump on the bandwagon, you are doing something because you have seen others doing it and benefitting from it - and, naturally, since it is good for others, it must also be good for you, right? In this sense, the correct definition of to jump on the bandwagon is:

to become involved in an activity which is successful so that you can get the advantages yourself

There are many kinds of bandwagons that you can jump onto. To see a few specific examples, look at the headlines below:

Brad Pitt Jumps on the Occupy Bandwagon
- newsmax.com, 14 November 2011, James Hirsen
Car Makers Jump on Energy Bandwagon as Japan Saves Power
- reuters.com, 11 July 2011, Chang-Ran Kim
Amazon Jumping on to the Smartphone Bandwagon?
- technobloom.com, 18 November 2011, Rahul

In the examples above, we see Brad Pitt, car manufacturers and Amazon joining in activities that others have successfully done. One bandwagon that you have probably jumped onto yourself is the
social networking bandwagon. By that, I mean that you have probably already joined social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, etc...with the hope of benefitting from them in the same way as others have benefitted from them. To learn more about jumping on the social networking bandwagon, have a look at the following youtube video:

Click here, if you would like to know what a bandwagon is.

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