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In Full Swing

When something, e.g. a party or a project, is in full swing, it is in the middle of taking place with the highest level of activity. For example:

The band is playing and everyone is having a great time. Who would want to leave the party now? It’s
in full swing.
By the time Luigi arrived, the English Grammar Club’s meeting was already
in full swing.
With only a three months to go until the election, our party’s campaign is
in full swing.

In other words, when something is
in full actionor has reached its height of activity, it is in full swing. Some recent headlines that contain the English idiom to be in full swing are:

Happy Diwali! The joyful Festival of Lights is in full swing as devotees celebrate the Hindu new year
- dailymail.co.uk, 14 November 2012, Anna Edwards
Shopping for Thanksgiving feast in full swing
- fox19.com, 18 November 2012, Gordon Graham
Holiday spirit in full swing for Kitchener couple
- therecord.com, 19 November 2012, Linda Givetash

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