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The English idiom hunky-dory (also spelled hunky dory) can be found in the titles of albums and films, but what does the expression mean? Look at the following news headlines / blog post titles containing the phrase hunky-dory and select the correct definition for the expression:

Today’s Weather: Hunky-Dory
- chicagoist.com, 7 August 2012, Chuck Sudo
Condi Rice says everything’s hunky-dory
- blog.foreignpolicy.com, 23 January 2008, Blake Hounshell
WH official: Relations with oil sector thawing, but not hunky-dory
- thehill.com, 14 May 2012, Andrew Restuccia

The English expression
hunky-dory means...

a) dissatisfactory / poor
b) satisfactory / okay
c) excellent / awesome
d) stressful / tense

To view the correct
definition of hunky-dory, click here.

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