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Hot Ticket

The English idiom hot ticket refers to something or someone that is currently very popular. For example:

Luigi’s new book entitled
A Passion for English Grammar: A Closer Look at the Present Perfect Simple is not exactly a hot ticket.

In other words, something or someone that is
all the rage or extremely popular at the moment is a hot ticket. Some recent headlines that contain the English idiom hot ticket are:

New Burton snowboard a hot ticket
- sfgate.com, 26 November, Carolyne Zinko
Hobbiton tour a hot ticket before Hobbit movie premiere
- news.cnet.com, 27 November 2012, Eric Mack
Hot Ticket: Canadian indie band Metric is living the dream
- theglobeandmail.com, 7 November 2012, Jennifer Van Evra

What else is currently a hot ticket you might ask? The following abclocal.go.com video which is called Hot ticket items on Black Friday shows us some of the hot ticket items that American consumers are currently interested in:

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