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Hit a Snag

Hit a snag

The English idiom to hit a snag means to encounter a problem or difficulty. For example:

Luigi’s wedding plans
hit a snag when his mother ordered him to move back home.

The phrase
to hit a snag means the same thing as the English expressions to run into a problem or to hit a bump in the road. Some recent headlines that demonstrate the use of the English idiom to hit a snag well are:

Mexico potato deal hits snag
- capitalpress.com, 31 December 2012, John O’Connell
Proposed Gun Measure Hits Snag
-wics.com, 3 January 2013
Job creation locally hits snag in state bureaucracy
- buffalonews.com, 13 Janaury 2013, Tom Precious

What English idiom, on the other hand, would you use to describe
a situation in which progress is made without any difficulties at all?

a) smooth boating
b) smooth sailing
c) smooth rafting
d) smooth cruising

Check your answer here.

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