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Heads Up

Heads Up

Has anyone ever told you Thanks for the heads up? If yes, you’ll know that the English idiom heads up (also heads-up) is an advance warning or notification of something that is going to happen. For example:

Mario: Everyone wants to know why you didn’t attend last week’s English grammar club meeting.
Luigi: Thanks for the heads up. I’ll be ready for the question!

The English idiom
heads up is a phrase that is used to alert or prepare someone for something that is going to happen. In the headlines below, you can see that the expression heads up could be substituted by the words advance warning or advance notification:

Heads up, more drivers on their phones
- wtop.com, 19 November 2012, Andrew Mollenbeck
Heads Up: Everything You’ve Uploaded to Instagram is Now on the Web
- uproxx.com, 8 November 2012, Dan Seitz
Heads up on 2012 holidays at work
- kansascity.com, 22 October 2012, Diane Stafford

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