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Go from Rags to Riches

To go from rags to riches is an English idiom that is used to describe a situation in which someone has gone from being very poor to being very rich. You can see an example of how this idiom can be used here:

At one time, J.K. Rowling didn’t have a job. With her Harry Potter books, she
went from rags to riches.

A recent example of a man who
went from rags to riches is Ted Williams, a voice-over artist who also has been called the man with the golden voice. In January of 2011, he was homeless. In the following video, you can see him holding a handwritten sign on the side of a road looking for work and asking for money. Since the release of this video on youtube.com, Williams has made numerous television appearances, done voice-over work for well-known companies including Kraft Foods and completely changed his lifestyle. He has gone from rags to riches. When you watch the video, you can see why.

Were you amazed by how good Ted William’s voice is? If you are interested, you can find out more about his
new life here. Can you think of some other good examples of people who have gone from rags to riches?

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