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Get Cracking!

Let's Get Cracking

The English idiom to get cracking means to start working. For example:

There is no use standing around talking about what we want to do.
Let’s get cracking!

Instead of Let’s get cracking!, one could have also said Let’s get to work!. The following articles/blog posts all contain the idiom to get cracking in their titles:

Get cracking on that list of things to organize
- miamiherald.com, 22 January 2012, Mary Beth Breckenridge, Akron Beacon Journal
Get Cracking on Innovative Tax Reform
- jamaica-gleaner.com, 23 January 2012, Garth A. Rattray
Let’s Get Cracking: How toMake an Omelet
- artofmaniliness.com, 31 January 2012, Matt Moore

Due to the fact that you have to
crack an egg to open it, you often see the English idiom to get cracking in connection with eggs or egg products. Thus, the title of the last article above Let’s Get Cracking: How to Make an Omelet, in which Let’s Get Cracking has a double meaning.

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