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Full of Beans

If someone is full of beans, he has a lot of energy and enthusiasm. Here are three interesting articles that use the English idiom full of beans in their titles:

How Cups of Coffee Can Keep Marathon Runners Full of Beans
- dailymail.co.uk, 30 June 2010, David Derbyshire
Healthy Eating Means Pupils are Full of Beans
- eastlothiannews.co.uk, 5 November 2011
Get Your Body Full of Beans
- news.bbc.co.uk, Matt Lovell

Personally, I found the first article to be the most interesting of the three. It looks at how high doses of caffeine can
boost an athlete’s power by up to six percent. By clicking on the article’s link, you can read more on how to get your body full of beans for your next athletic competition!

Image: Danilo Rizzuti / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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