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Feel the Pinch

Feel the Pinch

Have you ever heard the expression to feel the pinch before? Look at these news headlines and, then, tell me what this English idiom means:

Charities Still
Feeling the Pinch from Economic Downturn
- seattletimes.nwsource.com, 18 December 2011, Donna Gordon Blankinship
Consumers, Businesses Starting
to Feel Pinch of Gas Prices
- m.courierpress.com. 15 April 2011, Katie Reineke
Feeling the Pinch, Thanks to Rising Food and Gas Prices
- citytv.com, April 12 2011, Ashleigh Smollet

What does
to feel the pinch mean?

a) to worry
b) to suffer
c) to have money problems
d) to be afraid

Find the definition of
to feel the pinch here.

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