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Dead Ringer

English Idiom - Dead Ringer

Who does the man in the picture above look like? He’s a dead ringer for Elvis Presley, of course. The English idiom to be a dead ringer for someone or something means to look very similar, even identical, to someone or something. Here are some headlines that show the use of this English expression:

Nicole Richie is Dead Ringer for Jennifer Lopez on Halloween
- people.com, October 30 2011, Mike Fleeman
Samsung Galaxy 4.0 MP3 Player is a Dead Ringer for the iPod Touch
- mactrast.com, November 8 2011, J. Glenn Künzler
Chip Off the Old Block: Boris Becker’s Son a Dead Ringer for His Father as Tennis Legend Takes Him Out for a Round of Golf
- dailymail.co.uk, March 8 2011, Jody Thompson

If you could be a dead ringer for someone, who would it be?

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